For Depository Agents and Nominees

Acting as a foreign intermediary (that is, acting not for its own account, but for the account of others as an agent, nominee, or a custodian) or a flow through entity.

Depository Agents and Nominees

  1. Form W-8IMY
  2. Withholding Statement
  3. Distribution Election Notice (Form A)
  4. U.S. Tax Compliance Certificate (Form B-N)
  5. Instructions for Form W-8IMY

Depositary Agents and Nominees may be required to submit applicable W-Forms and U.S. Tax Compliance Certificates for their underlying investors.

How to file for tax exemption:

  • Step 1: Fill up relevant U.S. tax forms
  • Step 2: For assistance, please refer to sample form or email
  • Step 3: Mail forms to Stapled Security Registrar before the time stipulated by Stapled Security Registrar

Stapled Security Registrar

Boardroom Corporate & Advisory Services Pte. Ltd.
50 Raffles Place #32-01
Singapore Land Tower
Singapore 048623

It is important for Stapled Securityholders to comply with the abovementioned documentation requirements or they will be subject to U.S. withholding tax under the IRC, including under FATCA. For further details on the documentation required for U.S. tax exemption, Stapled Securityholders can also refer to Appendix I in the prospectus of Eagle Hospitality Trust, dated 16 May 2019 and registered by the Monetary Authority of Singapore on 16 May 2019.


Stapled Securityholders who have any questions or require assistance in completing the required forms can contact Eagle Hospitality Trust at +65 6653 4434 or

Stapled Securityholders may also refer to the Investor Pack1 which contains relevant instructions/ sample to guide Stapled Securityholders in completing the required forms.

1 The sample information provided in the Investor Pack is to assist Stapled Securityholders in completing the forms and does not constitute legal, financial or tax advice. Stapled Securityholders should seek independent professional advice in respect of their specific circumstances.