Investment Strategy

The Managers’ principal objectives are to deliver regular and stable distributions to Stapled Securityholders and to achieve long-term growth in distribution per Stapled Security and in the net asset value per Stapled Security, while maintaining an appropriate capital structure.

The Eagle Hospitality Trust’s REIT Manager plans to achieve its objectives through the following key strategies:

Proactive asset management and asset enhancement

The REIT Manager will work with the master lessees and hotel managers to implement pro-active measures to enhance the properties of Eagle Hospitality Trust (“Eagle HT”) and to improve their operational performance, so as to optimise the cash flow and value of the Properties. Through such active management, the REIT Manager seeks to improve overall occupancy rates and average revenue per available room, as well as to create a better lodging experience for its clientele.

Investments and acquisition growth

The REIT Manager will source suitable asset acquisition opportunities that will provide attractive cash flows and yields, which satisfy the REIT Manager’s investment mandate for Eagle HT to enhance the returns to Stapled Securityholders and to capture opportunities for future income and capital growth.

Capital management

The REIT Manager will endeavour to employ an appropriate combination of debt and equity to fund acquisitions and asset enhancements, and adopt a prudent approach to capital management to optimise risk-adjusted returns to Stapled Securityholders.